Pursuing your lady (Part 3): the aim of Dating is certainly not wedding

Pursuing your lady (Part 3): the aim of Dating is certainly not wedding

As an adolescent, I experienced someone let me know (with good motives) that the purpose of dating is wedding. After determining the purpose of dating, they continued to state I would not cons > began to act on it that I was not to date someone who. When I started initially to date in senior high school and university, we consciously started assessment each of my dating choices through the “would you marry her” filter. Oftentimes, this filter ended up being overridden by the “is she pretty” or “does she I always kept in the back of my mind the idea that dating ultimately was about finding a wife like you” filters; however.

I did so with the intention of marrying her when I began dating my wife — then girlfriend. We knew after our very very first date that it was the lady i desired in order to make my bride, with this future goal in mind so I intentionally dated her.

We attempted become really deliberate about dating my then gf, into the light of 1 being her husband day. We pursued her passionately, wanting to exemplify exactly what A godly man was and exactly how I became effective at loving, supplying for, and protecting her. After about seven-months of dating, I inquired Allyson become my spouse, and also by the elegance of Jesus, she consented. Eight months later on we had been hitched while the objective we had set at the start of our dating relationship was indeed met.

I began to ponder the advice I had been given as a teenager after we were married. Thinking right back with this definition — that dating was fundamentally about marriage — a relevant question began to form in my head.


If the objective of dating had been wedding, what are the results to dating after you’re married?

I really believe this concern exposes a flaw that is glaring the convinced that the purpose of dating is wedding. We contend that dating is certainly not merely about locating a partner, but in regards to the search for closeness with somebody for the gender that is opposite. Continue reading “Pursuing your lady (Part 3): the aim of Dating is certainly not wedding”