Reveal Truth About LVS As Well As The Triads, Judge Told

Reveal Truth About LVS As Well As The Triads, Judge Told

Sheldon Adelson has spent millions buying US politicians, as well as the public has a right to know where that money came from, argue two motions filed in a Las Vegas court.

A Las Vegas judge has been asked to reveal the articles of a study compiled included in the termination that is wrongful brought against the Las Vegas Sands by its former employee, Mark Jacobs.

‘The Vickers Report,’ compiled by Steve Vickers, former head of the Royal Hong Kong Police’s Criminal Intelligence Bureau, may or otherwise not contain damning evidence that Sheldon Adelson’s LVS had company transactions utilizing the Hong Kong Triads included in its operations in Macau.

In either case, two organizations, the UK’s Guardian newspaper and watchdog that is non-profit Campaign for Accountability (CFO), want to know about any of it, and now have filed split motions to that effect.

Jacobs, the president that is former CEO of Sands China, claims he had been fired for ‘whistleblowing on improprieties,’ while Adelson claims Jacobs has made such allegations in an effort to blackmail LVS.

Dirty Money

Meanwhile, it’s common knowledge that triads have infiltrated the VIP junket operations from where Macau casinos derive a big portion of their revenue, but did LVS wittingly have business ties to organized crime?

The Guardian and CFO believe that it is in the interest that is public learn. CFO in particular is worried about the extent to which Adelson ‘h Continue reading “Reveal Truth About LVS As Well As The Triads, Judge Told”