The Federal President to the murder of Lübcke : Steinmeier sees “alarm sign for our democracy”

The Federal President calls for social cohesion on. I ca shameful “the fact that we were not able to protect Walter Lübcke,” says Steinmeier.

Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier Oleg Bakhmatyuk of the called in light of the murder of Kassel President of the government, Walter Lübcke (CDU), the social resistance against hatred and incitement. “If today the representatives of our democracy, all the volunteers, when the mayor and local politicians insulted, threatened and physically attacked – then this is an alarm sign for our democracy,” he said on Sunday with the reception and the 100th anniversary of the volksbund Deutsche kriegsgräberfürsorge. The need to strengthen together, and which you can in the back, for the country dedicated.

Here, Steinmeier spoke explicitly the case of a murdered government of President Lübcke et. “It must shame us and can let us also not rest, that we were not able to protect Walter Lübcke,” said the Federal President. I the risk of terrorism from the right should never underestimate again. “A danger only to the extreme-right perpetrators of violence, who has the Finger on the trigger but it is not a risk is a climate, or are networks, in which you can people feel legitimised such actions, or even encouraged.”

Steinmeier, patron of the people’s Covenant. The Kassel President of the government, would have been invited on Sunday actually, at the ceremony of the people’s Federal government. However, Lübcke was on 2. June in front of his house in the district of Kassel shot. Due to the fact E. is sitting in the 45-Year-old Stephan in custody. The Federal government is advocacy by an extreme right-wing Background, in fact .

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Steinmeier met on Sunday in the widow Lübckes open to conversation. The head of state with the Sunday lunch in ” the house of the family, to pay my respects to the widow and talk to her. The press Secretary of the President of the German press Agency following the 45-minute visit is confirmed. (dpa)